343 Industries Working on New Halo Campaign in Unreal Engine, Journalist Claims

A journalist has claimed that Microsoft’s 343 Industries is working on a new Halo campaign within Unreal Engine.

In the latest podcast of Seasoned Gaming, editor-in-chief Ains has said that he knows that, although he doesn’t know anything specific at this point,  a team within 343 Industries, is currently working on the campaign for the next Halo. According to Ains, a lot of fans have asked him whether he has any information about a new Halo campaign, after which Ains said the following:

“The story answer is, nothing specific”, he said during the podcast. “What I can say that I know anyway is, yes, they do have a team [at 343 Industries] working on the next Halo campaign. It is part of that restructuring that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal [Engine]”.

We’ve included a time-stamped video of the podcast in which Ains talks about the “next” Halo below:

Ains added, “The earliest I would expect to see another Halo single-player campaign outside of Firefight and stuff they’re doing in [Halo] Infinite is a couple of years. It’s going to be a while so doný hold your breath.”

Earlier this year, following various departures from key figures at the studio, known Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier reported that 343 Industries is going through an internal reboot. In addition to laying off at least 95 employees, it is said that the studio dropped the Halo SlipSpace engine in favor of Unreal Engine. As reported by Schreier, a team at 343 has been experimenting with Epic’s game engine and has been actively working on pitches for new entries in the franchise.

Please take the information with a pinch of salt for now as this info hasn’t been confirmed in any way just yet. On the other hand, following the release of Halo Infinite back in December of 2021, it would only make sense if 343 is working on a new Halo campaign. We’ll update you as soon as we learn more about the future of the Halo franchise.

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