Alan Wake II Looks Glorious With Classic Resident Evil-Style Fixed Camera Angles

Alan Wake II is among the best-looking games ever released, and its visuals are so good that they would work great with fixed camera angles reminiscent of the first few entries in the Resident Evil series.

Earlier today, Digital Foundry’s Alexander Battaglia shared on X/Twitter a short video showcasing the latest game developed by Remedy Entertainment running with fixed camera angles using some unspecified camera tools. While Alan’s walking animations don’t work too well with these camera angles, it is undeniable that the game’s amazing atmosphere is possibly made even better by some of these angles.

The wait for Alan Wake II has been long, but it was completely worth it, as Remedy Entertainment released an amazing sequel that is also one of the most stunning games released in a year as packed with great releases as 2023, as I highlighted in my review.

With its excellent trippy horror story, memorable characters, amazing atmosphere, and some of the best visuals in gaming to date, Alan Wake II is a game like few others and Remedy Entertainment’s best. It took 13 years for the acclaimed writer to come back, but the long wait was worth it. We could have hardly wished for a better sequel, despite the derivative survival horror gameplay holding the experience back a bit.

Alan Wake II is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S worldwide.

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