Bethesda Threw a Party When They Were Informed About the Xbox 360 Specs; Fallout 76 Made Them Better Developers

Back when The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was in development, Bethesda threw a part when they were informed about the Xbox 360 specs, according to Todd Howard.

As revealed in a new interview with Wired going over his video game career, Todd Howard revealed how much the team was struggling during the development of the fourth entry in the series, as they were developing the console version of the game based on the original Xbox, which lacked the memory the developer needed for their big role-playing game. When Microsoft informed them about the Xbox 360 specs and its increased memory, the developer threw a party to celebrate. According to Todd Howard, he never saw programmers so happy in his entire life.

In the interview, Bethesda’s Director and Executive Producer also talked about Fallout 76, one of the studio’s most controversial projects. While the game indeed struggled, mostly due to a horrible launch, it did some good for the studio, which created its own online platform from scratch. The latest entry in the series also made Bethesda much better developers, as fixing the game was a difficult process and made them get more involved with the community. Today, Fallout 76 is one of the studio’s most played games and a very big success in terms of what it’s doing for players.

Bethesda’s latest game is Starfield, released back in September on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. You can learn more about the game by checking out my review.

With an engaging story, well-developed characters and lore, and a huge amount of meaningful content, Starfield is one of Bethesda’s finest games and one of the best role-playing games released in the past few years. The lack of seamless exploration and real innovation of the typical gameplay formula from the studio are noteworthy, but those willing to forego these issues will find a reactive and sprawling sci-fi universe to lose themselves in for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours.

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