Dead Space Remake Looks Incredible With Complete Ray Tracing, Restir G.I. AO And More in New 8K Video

Last year’s Dead Space remake looks great, but it’s visuals can reach some impressive heights with the right mods, as showcased in a new video shared online this week.

The 8K resolution video put together by Beyond Dreams shows the remake of the first entry in the series running with a variety of mods, including the Complete Ray Tracing preset by Nice Guy, the Ray Tracing preset by massihancer, and a selection of other mods, including Restir G.I Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric Fog, Color Grading, Pulsating Bloom, DOF, and Camera mods. You can check out how this visual overhaul compares to the vanilla version of the game right below.

Even in its vanilla version, the Dead Space remake looks very good, as highlighted by Nathan in his review. Despite the remake generally being a solid upgrade of the original, however, Motive Studio could have pushed things a bit further, as some design decisions feel dated.

The new Dead Space is a mostly-successful revival of a survival horror landmark, offering atmospheric new visuals and a series of precision updates to combat, level layouts, and the game’s scary bits that ought to surprise and excite veteran engineers. That said, there was room for Motive Studio to push ever further, as some game elements still feel a bit dated. Dead Space should satisfy long-suffering fans of the franchise, but compared to the latest, greatest AAA horror competition, it’s no longer a cut above.

The Dead Space remake is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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