Deus Ex Revival from Eidos Montreal Reportedly Canceled by Embracer, Job Losses Expected

While they weren’t quite the blockbuster sellers their publishers hoped they’d be, the recent Deus Ex titles from developer Eidos Montreal have a pretty rabid fanbase who are always eager for any news of Adam Jensen’s return. Back in 2022 the reliable Jason Schreier let slip that Eidos Montreal was moving forward with a new Deus Ex following the acquisition of the IP and studio by Embracer Group. Of course, that was a very different time for Embracer. A time when it seemed pretty much anything could get greenlit at the company and they proudly boasted of the hundreds of projects they had on the go. Unfortunately, the company has since fallen on harder times after key funding fell through and we now have a very different report on Deus Ex to deal with.

Jason Schreier has once again weighed in on this story, reporting that Embracer has canceled the new Deus Ex game, which has been in some form of early development for around two years and was soon to enter full production. This is part of Embracer’s ongoing quest costs and it’s expected there will be layoffs at Eidos (exactly how many there might be is unknown). Per Schreier Eidos Montreal will instead focus on a new original IP going forward.

As with all rumors, take this with a small grain of salt, but Scheier is about as reliable an inside source as you can get. Given this report, one can’t help but be worried about Eidos Montreal’s future. Yes, they’re apparently working on that new IP, but if Embracer is willing to chop a game from a franchise that has sold over 14 million copies, are they going to stand by this new thing? Hopefully, for Eidos Montreal’s sake, this new IP is a very promising one indeed.

How are you Deus Ex fans feeling after this report? Are you feeling disappointed or were you keeping your expectations in check? Perhaps it’s better to focus on the good times – what are some of your favorite Deus Ex games and moments?

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