Diablo IV Season 3 Starts on January 23, Says Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment has finally confirmed the launch date of Diablo IV Season 3. Fans have been wondering if it had been delayed since the developers haven’t shared any details yet. However, the game’s login screen has now been updated with the notice that Diablo IV Season 3 will begin on January 23rd. More information is certainly forthcoming, either this week or the next.

The previous Season 2, also known as Season of Blood, launched on October 17. It introduced a new questline and character (vampire hunter Erys, voiced by Gemma Chan), new vampiric powers, five additional endgame bosses, improved inventory management for Gems, and Renown rewards carrying over to new seasons. Later in Season of Blood, Blizzard introduced new endgame content called the Abbatoir of Zir, a pinnacle dungeon where players have ten minutes to fill a bar that spawns three Bloodseekers. This dungeon has 25 levels of difficulty, with monsters exceeding the usual Nightmare Dungeon monster level of 154.

Diablo IV Season 2 was well-received, unlike Season 1, also known as Season of the Malignant, which ran from July 20 to October 17. The first Season added a new questline and character (Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light), urging players to discover the source of a new corruption and stop the spread of the Malignant, over 30 new powers, a new boss battle (Varshan the Consumed), and several new unique items and Legendary aspects.

At BlizzCon 2023, the developers unveiled the first Diablo IV expansion. Called Vessel of Hatred, it’s slated to launch in Fall 2024, adding a never-before-seen class, the jungle region of Nahantu (featuring some locations previously encountered in Diablo II), and what will happen to the Prime Evil Mephisto following the events seen in the base game’s story.

The hack-and-slash action RPG was included in our best RPG, best online multiplayer game, and best overall game categories.

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