Digital World (DWAC) Moves Another Material Step Closer To Merging With Trump Media and Technology Group

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Digital World (NASDAQ: DWAC), the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) that is slated to take Truth Social’s parent entity – Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) – public via a reverse merger, has given a potent signal today that the much-delayed business combination deal remains on track, lending its beleaguered shareholders a new lease on life.

Digital World filed its first amendment to the Form S-4 back in November 2023. The amendment added a preliminary proxy statement and a prospectus to the Form S-4, indicating that the SPAC appeared to be moving ahead with its planned merger with Trump Media and Technology Group after concluding an internal round of due diligence as to the merger’s viability.  At the time, TMTG’s CEO, Devin Nunes, had termed this development “a monumental milestone toward completing the business combination.”

Today, Digital World has filed a third amendment to its Form S-4, lending credence to the thesis that posits the much-delayed merger process continues to move ahead. Do note that companies often file multiple amendments before their Form S-4 filings become effective. Each amendment moves the proverbial needle a significant step forward.

In December 2023, Digital World’s board of directors extended the deadline for consummating the merger with Trump Media and Technology Group by another three months. Bear in mind that the board can enforce such a delay up to a total of four times, with each extension granting a 3-month reprieve. Going forward, Digital World will only be able to exercise this right a further two additional times before the SPAC faces certain dissolution.

We reported last week that Digital World officially lost every cent of the $1 billion in PIPE investments. These investments were supposed to bolster Truth Social’s finances in the post-merger phase. The SPAC continues to retain access to around $293 million in proceeds that it raised as part of its IPO. Former President Trump is slated to exercise a 55 percent control over the merged entity.

Digital World faces a number of federal investigations related to inappropriate disclosures of the events leading up to the finalization of its merger agreement with Trump Media and Technology Group. These investigations have played an important role in holding up the SPAC’s business combination deal.

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