Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How to Get Courtly Clothes

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features many quests, but not all can be completed by simply going from one point to another. Some of them have some requirements that must be met to be completed.

This is the case of a couple of quests you must complete for Captain Brent in Vernworth. To even begin The Stolen Throne and the Feast of Deception quests, you will need to score yourself a set of suitable garments to be granted access to locations only available to the nobles’ of the city.

How to Get Courtly Clothes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The suitable garments mentioned above are three items – the Eventide Mask, the Courtly Tunic, and the Courtly Breeches, which can be acquired separately or as a set.

The fastest, but far from easiest, way to get them is to purchase them in Vernworth from the item merchant in the Merchant Quarter. They are rather costly, and you will unlikely lack that many funds at the point in the game when you need them.

Thankfully, there are better ways to get the Courtly Clothes. If you have decided to lend Sven some money when he asked you in the Merchant Quarter during your first visit to Vernworth, all you need to do is complete the Mystery Box quest. To do so, speak with Sven over multiple days, and he will eventually pay you back what you lent him and gift the Courtly Clothes. You can find him seated on the fountain facing the Pawn Guild in Vernworth’s Merchant Quarter.

If you did not lend Sven any money, you will still be able to get the Courtly Clothes fairly easily. All you have to do is open the treasure chest inside Sven’s chambers on Vernworth Castle’s second floor. In case you already have them, you can still get them and sell them to any merchant to turn in a decent profit. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, after all, gold is never enough to purchase what you need for your adventure, so every extra piece helps. Especially if it can be obtained with little effort.

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