Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Hopes Series Will Continue After Remake Project

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director and long-time series producer Yoshinori Kitase hopes that the world of the seventh entry in the series will continue after the remake project will be completed with the third entry.

The Ultimania book, released in Japan this week, includes a comment from Kitase-san regarding the seventh entry in the series, as summarized by @aitaikimochi, saying that he hopes its world will continue even after part 3 has been released. This game will perhaps be his last involvement with Final Fantasy VII due to his age, and for this, he wants to bring the trilogy to a close and on a positive note without leaving behind any unfinished business.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania book also includes additional information on the game’s final battle, the ending, and the fate of a certain character. There will be some heavy spoilers from this point, so avoid reading if you have yet to complete the game.

Commenting on the final battle, Tetsuya Nomura revealed how Sephiroth can exist in multiple worlds simultaneously, so Cloud, Zack, and the other party members, while separated in different worlds, are fighting the same entity. This could be somewhat gleaned from the events leading up to the final battle, but having an official confirmation makes it easier to understand what really happened towards the end of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Speaking about Aerith’s fate, Tetsuya Nomura said that many wanted her not to die in the Forgotten Capital, and that’s why they showed Cloud intervene and deflect Sephiroth’s sword. Still, that seems not to be the way things actually played out, as Cloud’s painful flashbacks are a reflection of his mind that is refusing to accept the events. As such, it seems more likely that Cloud’s state of mind will play a central role in the next entry in the series. The Ultimania book also goes more in-depth regarding Aerith’s fate, although whether she is still alive or not is not clear at all.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PlayStation 5 worldwide.

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