Final Fantasy VII Rebirth New Screenshots Showcase Kalm and Under Junon, Red XIII; New Recap Trailer Shared

New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth screenshots were shared online today, showcasing the Kalm and Under Junon areas, Red XIII, Synergy Attacks, and more.

The new screenshots, which can be watched below, provide the first look at some of the characters Cloud and his companions will meet as they venture outside Midgar in pursuit of Sephiroth. The new screenshots also reveal more details on Red XIII’s fighting style, the new Synergy Attacks, Materia development, Customization, difficulty levels, combat styles, and more. Additional information on all the above can be found on Square Enix’s official website.

Today, Square Enix also shared a new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer, which focuses on recapping the events of Remake, narrated by Red XIII. You can watch the trailer below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on PlayStation 5 on February 29th worldwide. You can learn more about the game by checking out Kai’s preview.

Plenty of points of interest fill the map surrounding the fields of Junon in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, leading to rare and notorious monster encounters that provide currencies to build out World Intel when various objectives are completed (typically staggering or beating an enemy in a certain amount of time or a more specific objective such as defeating a flying enemy before it can take to the skies during one of its attacks). Colorful background dialogue is provided by an unseen NPC named MAI, who’s new to the story. MAI helps provide some interesting lore about the beasts Cloud is about to hunt for sport. While there’s an outstanding bounty on the heads of AVALANCHE (all five members still at large, including Biggs and Jessie), the major/sheriff of Junon isn’t about to turn the group in for a quick payout. The demo ends with a chance encounter with Yuffie about to become dinner for a monstrous fish known as the Terror of the Deep, culminating in a final boss fight and some humorous hijinks between Cloud and the first encounter with Mr. Dolphin.

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