First Spider-Man 2 Update 1.001.002 Released Ahead of This Week’s Global Launch

Ahead of the game’s global launch on PlayStation 5 later this week, Insomniac Games has rolled out the first Spider-Man 2 update.

Those who’ve pre-ordered the game digitally can already pre-load the highly-anticipated sequel. For those who pre-loaded the title, the first day-one update has been made available for download (thanks to PlayStation Game Size via Twitter). The patch weighs in at roughly 1.8GB, but no official patch notes have been shared by Insomniac just yet. It’s likely that the included changes have been shared with those reviewing the game ahead of the launch on October 20, but since these reviewers are under NDA, the update notes can’t be shared just yet.

Spider-Man 2 launches later this week worldwide on PlayStation 5. As covered earlier this month. The game is said to offer about the same length as its 2018 predecessor, but setpieces will feel ‘bigger’ thanks to the hardware of the PlayStation 5. Like Insomniac’s original Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 (and PS5), Spider-Man 2 will feature unlockable suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Some of these suits received some great-looking visuals earlier this month. Be sure to check those out.

You’ll be reading more about Spider-Man 2 later this week. Meanwhile, be sure to read what we wrote about 2018’s Spider-Man in our launch review back then:

“Where Marvel’s Spider-Man truly shines in the combat department is when Peter is faced with encounters that greatly outnumber this lone superhero. His quick attacks and innate Spider Sense both empower him to foresee an oncoming attack and counter with the greatest of ease. Using Peter’s web abilities and gadgets is the most important part to the freeflow combat, as webbed enemies are much more susceptible to being thrown around as an improvised weapon or quickly incapacitated for the remainder of the fight if stuck to a wall. Each new suit for Spider-Man also gives a unique suit power that can be freely mixed and matched between the more than two dozen skin-tight costumes for the masked vigilante.”

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