GeForce NOW Pricing Increased by NVIDIA in Europe and Canada

NVIDIA has confirmed via its Customer Help page that GeForce NOW pricing is set to increase in Europe and Canada starting on November 1st.

Until then, active and new members will be able to lock in up to six months of subscription time at the current pricing. Likewise, gift cards purchased prior to November 1st will be honored at redemption.

Here’s the updated pricing table with all the affected currencies:

Priority 1-month $13.99 £9.99 € 10.99 129.00 kr 129.00 kr 89.00 kr. 299.00 K 54.00 zt
Priority 6-month $69.99 £49.99 €54.99 649.00 kr 649.00 kr 445.00 kr. 1,499.00 K 269.00 zt
Ultimate 1-month $25.99 £19.99 €21.99 259.00 kr 259.00 kr 179.00 kr. 599.00 K 109.00 zt
Ultimate 6-month $139.99 £99.99 € 109.00 1,294.00 kr 1,294.00 kr 890.00 kr. 2,990.00 K 539.00 zt
Founders Ultimate 1-month $23.49 £17.99 € 19.99 234.00 kr 234.00 kr 165.00 kr. 539.00 K 99.00 zt
Founders Ultimate 6-month $125.99 £89.99 €99.99 1,169.00 kr 1,169.00 kr 829.00 kr. 2,699.00 K 499.00 zt

Currently, UK customers are paying £8.99 for a one-month Priority subscription and £44.99 for a six-month Priority subscription. This will increase by £1 and £5, respectively. The Ultimate tier’s price increase is higher, jumping by £2 for the monthly plan and £10 for the biannual plan. The same price hike is taking place in Europe.

NVIDIA says this is due to increased operational costs in these areas. There are no plans to change pricing in the United States at this time.

GeForce NOW is currently considered the best cloud streaming service, especially if you can afford the Ultimate tier. Historically, the platform’s thorn has been its lack of triple-A games from big publishers. However, that began to change when Microsoft announced it would bring its games and those made by Bethesda to GeForce NOW. For example, the two biggest Microsoft and Bethesda releases of the past few weeks, Starfield and Forza Motorsport, are already available on NVIDIA’s cloud platform.

GeForce NOW can also look forward to getting Activision Blizzard’s games back. As you may remember, those titles were available during the beta phase but were pulled out by the publisher when GFN officially launched in February 2020.

The aforementioned deal with Microsoft included Activision Blizzard games, provided the merger would conclude positively. That finally happened yesterday, which means games like Call of Duty, Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and more will be added to GeForce NOW at some point. It may take a while, though – Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said it’ll be a few months before those games can get on Game Pass, which is probably around the time they’ll be made available on GeForce NOW and other cloud gaming services that signed a similar deal, like Boosteroid, Nware, Ubitus, and EE.

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