Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Feature More Diverse and Lifelike Animations, Thanks to Unique Animation System

Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to feature more diverse and lifelike animations compared to previous entries in the series, judging from the unique animation system the game will employ.

GTA6 subreddit user Tobbelobben discovered a few hours ago a patent filed by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, by studying the leak from last year detailing a unique animation system that features a library of small building blocks for character movements that can be combined in a lot of different ways to create a wide range of animations, which will result in more diverse and lifelike animations. The number of possible variants for the simplest of animations, such as walking, is going to be huge, as animations will naturally change with different weather conditions and so on. The best thing about this system, which the user highlights was in use even in the leaked build, is that it will be used for NPCs, too, potentially making Grand Theft Auto 6 one of the most immersive open-world games ever.

Very little is known about Grand Theft Auto 6 other than the fact that it is in development. According to an earlier report, the visual leap of the next entry in the series will exceed the gap between that of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V, which was substantial.

Grand Theft Auto 6 launches on a yet-to-be-confirmed release date, although it has been suggested that it will be released no later than March 2025. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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