Grand Theft Auto VI Comparisons Highlight Amazing Recreation of Real Life Locations, Visual Enhancements

Following the early release of the first ever Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, new comparisons were shared online, highlighting the amazing recreation of real life locations and the massive visual improvements over previous entries in the series.

A new set of images put together by reddit user DanlyDanDanny highlight the amazing attention to detail in the Vice City recreation of iconic locations around Miami, such as South Beach and Biscayne Island. The recreation is so impressive that is sometimes almost hard to tell which is a real photo and which is a still from the reveal trailer.

GTA 6 vs IRL (Google Maps) – Trailer Comparison + Real Life Locations
byu/DanlyDanDanny inGTA6

Looking already better than one of the best open-world games ever released, Red Dead Redemption 2, it is no surprise to see how much better Grand Theft Auto VI looks than its predecessor. The visual improvements are further highlighted in the YouTube videos below.

Another YouTube video, put together by FoleV333, showcases how much the main GTA VI city has changed since the days of Vice City. You can check out the video below.

Grand Theft Auto VI launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sometime in 2025. A PC version hasn’t been announced, but there is no doubt it will eventually be released sometime after the launch of the console versions, as was the case for pretty much all recent Rockstar titles.

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