Gravity Rush 2 Remastered Is Coming to PC and PS5 This Summer – Rumor

Gravity Rush 2 Remastered is currently in development for PC and PlayStation 5 and will debut on console this Summer, according to rumors circulating online.

As reported on the Gaming Leaks subreddit and the Team ALUA Discord server, the remaster is actually in an advanced state of development, as one of the members of the server is actually a playtester. Apparently, the remaster will not come with any of the original’s online features, but it will feature a proper photo mode. The game should be revealed this May and will launch in late Summer, at least on PlayStation 5. A PC release will come at a later date.

While it is disappointing that the first entry in the series is not getting remastered, it is good to hear that Gravity Rush 2 Remastered is in the works and that the franchise hasn’t been completely forgotten. As a movie is also in the works, both the movie and the remaster could spearhead a renaissance for a franchise that deserves much better than what it got.

The original Gravity Rush 2 is now available on PlayStation 4. You can learn more about it by checking out Chris’ review.

Gravity Rush 2 is an excellent sequel to the first game. It’s easier to control, has an incredible depth of quantity and while it doesn’t all hit, the vast majority does. It has a few strange choices in story design, particularly a false ending in one of the worst places I’ve ever encountered. All things considered, it’s an excellent game with some of the most entertaining gameplay around, set in a fantastically designed world with a great visual design.

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