Honor of Kings World Looks Stunning in New 6-Minute Gameplay

Tencent’s TiMi Studios released a new gorgeous gameplay trailer for Honor of Kings World this week.

Originally announced two years ago, Honor of Kings World is an open world action RPG based on the IP popularized by the massively successful mobile MOBA game. While the developers have shared several gameplay trailers for the upcoming project, they didn’t release many details.

We only know that the game will support cooperative multiplayer (likely in a similar fashion to Genshin Impact) and that TiMi has partnered with renowned Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin. He’s mostly known for The Three-Body Problem (which is getting a Netflix TV series adaptation in January 2024, but for Honor of Kings World, the studio is working with him on adapting the short story The Poetry Cloud.

On the technical front, NVIDIA announced earlier this year that the game would feature ray tracing and DLSS 3 (Frame Generation) support at launch. Beyond that, it’s a safe bet that Honor Kings World will be available on PC and mobile devices as a free-to-play title. Unfortunately, no release date is available yet.

TiMi also worked on the MOBA game Pokémon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and mobile. Its current projects include a collaboration with Xbox Game Studios to create ‘new experiences’ and a partnership with CAPCOM to create a mobile Monster Hunter game (not to be confused with the augmented reality mobile game Monster Hunter Now, launched last month by Niantic).

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