Last Epoch Shows Off Unique Trade System Ahead of 1.0 Launch

Hack-and-slash action RPG Last Epoch is finally close to launching out of Steam Early Access. Ahead of the 1.0 debut, scheduled for February 21, independent developer Eleventh Hour Games has detailed its unique Trade System that will be added to the full game.

After much debate internal to the studio and with the community, it has been decided to go with a faction based system. Last Epoch players will be presented with the choice between the Merchant’s Guild and the Circle of Fortune. Joining the former will allow them to trade directly with one another or via the Bazaar, though there are some caveats: after an item has been purchased through the Merchant’s Guild, it can’t be traded again. Moreover, players will need to improve their reputation with the guild in order to earn the right to trade the most rare items.

On the other hand, members of the Circle of Fortune will give up trading to increase their item-finding potential. They can trade Favor for Prophecies, which cause certain items to drop or increase the odds of higher tier affixes being generated on an item when players complete the requirements listed on the Prophecy. Items dropped this way cannot be traded.

Judd Cobler, Founder and CEO of Eleventh Hour Games and game director on Last Epoch, said in a statement:

Balancing a trade system is one of the most difficult challenges in a loot-based game, because
it significantly impacts the item hunt for all players. Players are often split over an economy that can add value to their items and builds, and the thrill of the hunt that leads to uncovering unique items. But with crucial feedback from our community, we’ve implemented a solution we believe satisfies both sides of the debate and is a truly unique take on the action RPG trade debate.

You can find my extensive interview with Judd Cobler from last August here. In our chat, Cobler explained it would be possible to switch factions, albeit with some limitations:

However, the items that drop when you were inside that faction will be tagged to you being inside of that faction. So, if you’re in the Circle of Fortune and you get a really awesome item drop because of the boost from the faction, you will have to be presently aligned with the Circle of Fortune to wear that item. That way, people aren’t just abusing the system.

If you’re really an intense player who’s going to put a lot of time into the game, you can level up both the Circle of Fortune and the Merchants Guild over time. But at that point, you’ll likely have two different gear sets related to them.

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