Latest Alan Wake 2 Update 12 Improves PS5 and DLSS Performance, Improves Visuals, Optimizes Memory Use, More

Latest Alan Wake 2 Update 12 Improves PS5 and DLSS Performance, Improves Visuals, Optimizes Memory Use, More

Remedy Games has rolled out Alan Wake 2 update 12 across all platforms, improving visuals as well as PS5 and DLSS performance, and more.

Earlier this month, Remedy deployed several updates, including the #8 update which packed over 200 fixes. In addition to this, the game’s #10 patch included well over 100 changes and improvements, and today we another have patch for the game. This new update is a major one, again packing over 100 fixes and improvements, including platform-specific ones.

As said, this brand-new update somewhat improves the game’s performance on PlayStation 5 in Performance Mode. For instance, the update optimized performance when aggressively walking stairs up and down in the Nursing Home, and (global) streaming performance has been improved in several areas. PC players will be happy to learn that NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation issues have been resolved when switching from real-time video to 3D rendering. Memory usage has also been improved across all platforms, which allows for more enemy bodies lying on the ground for added realism and spookiness. 

There also have been improvements to visuals and animations across PC, PS5, and Xbox, including improvements to lighting as well as other visual fixes and improvements. In addition to this, Remedy has implemented several fixes for Alan’s flashlight. As with previous updates, this new one includes various mission-specific fixes as well. We’ve included some of these below. We highly suggest reading the full release notes, as released by Remedy Games, on the game’s official website here.


  • Hid interactions while dialogue plays around the Nightingale murder site. 
  • Fixed a case where Saga is unable to pick up the pistol in the morgue corridor after waiting for a far longer time than we expected. 
  • Fixed Nightingale’s profiling with “The heart! Where is it?” not skipping the entire sequence.
  • Reduced chances of Nightingale ruining your day. Made the resourcing more generous for the Nightingale boss fight.


  • Fixed an issue where clearing the Mulligan and Thornton encounter didn’t trigger the end cinematic, thus blocking progress.

Alan Wake 2 is available worldwide now digitally for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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