Like A Dragon Gaiden and Wild Hearts Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass Next Month

Microsoft has announced the next batch of Xbox Game Pass games being added to the service starting today.

The next wave of games being added to Microsoft’s subscription service was confirmed just now via the official Xbox Wire. Earlier today, known deals leaker ‘billbil-kun’ already leaked these titles. Arriving today for Xbox, cloud, and PC are open-world RPG Wartales from Shiro Games, Jusant, and Headbangers: Rhythm Royale. Being added to Game Pass on November 2nd is the stylish RPG Thirsty Suitors from Annapurna Interactive.

Perhaps more interesting for some are the titles being added in the coming two weeks – Football Manager 2024 for PC as well as Football Manager 2024 console for cloud, Xbox, and PC. Arriving on launch day on November 9th is the fourth entry in the Dungeons series – Dungeons 4. Also being added on that day as a day-one title is Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. Another interesting game that some might want to check out is Omega Force’s take on Monster Hunter – Wild Hearts. Here’s what we wrote about that game in our launch review from earlier this year:

“Wild Hearts couldn’t have been a better start for a new IP.”, we wrote. “While the experience shares more than a few similarities with that of the Monster Hunter series, the unique monster design, the great weapon variety and the Karakuri crafting mechanics give the game a unique flavor that makes it stand out easily among similar games. Performance issues, sadly, impact the experience considerably on all formats, preventing it from reaching greater heights, but even in its current state, the game is a more than worthy purchase for fans of the genre.”

Last but not least are Sprittea and Coral Island (Cloud and Xbox Series) which are being added on November 13 and November 14 respectively. Be sure to check out the Xbox Wire to learn which games will be leaving Game Pass in the coming weeks.

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