Lords of the Fallen – How to Increase Vigor Multiplier For More Efficient Farming

Being a proper soulslike, Lords of the Fallen comes with many of the features that define the genre, such as a currency, Vigor, in this case, that can be used to upgrade your character, purchase items, and enhance your gear.

Unlike other games, however, Lords of the Fallen features a risk-reward system that allows players to obtain much more Vigor by accomplishing some straightforward but dangerous tasks.

How to Increase Vigor Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen

On the top right side of the screen, you can find your current Vigor and, right below it, a multiplier. When you are in the world of the living, Axiom, the multiplier will be at x1.00, but when you enter the world of the dead, Umbral, you will notice it will increase to x1.10, making you earn more Vigor per kill.

At the start of Lords of the Fallen, the game informs you there are ways to increase the multiplier while traversing Umbral but does not elaborate much. However, you may notice that sometimes, while in the world of the dead, the multiplier has increased. To do so, you basically have to do nothing, as the Vigor multiplier can increase by up to x3.00 by simply staying in Umbral.

As soon as you enter Umbral, you will notice an eye icon appearing right below the Vigor counter, signaling that the dead are keeping an eye on you. After a few seconds, the outline of this icon will start filling up clockwise. When it is half-full, the multiplier will increase to x1.20. When it is three-quarters full, the multiplier will increase to x2.00. When it is completely full, the eye will turn red, and the multiplier will increase to x3.00. In this state, however, you will be hunted by a powerful demon with a red glowing face, and you will be unable to heal using your Sanguinarix.

Knowing exactly how to increase the Vigor multiplier in Lords of the Fallen can help you quite a bit in planning your Vigor farming. For example, you can pick an area close to a Vestige, enter Umbral, wait for the multiplier to increase, and then clear the area out of enemies, both regular and those specific to Umbral. In case you die fighting against the red demon, which will often happen at pretty much any point in the game, by doing things this way, you won’t have to travel far to recover your lost Vigor.

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