Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.1.195 Fixes More Crashes, Nerfs AI Snipers

The development team behind Lords of the Fallen has published yet another patch today, the third since Friday’s launch. Patch 1.1.195 fixes yet more instances of game crashes and also improves balance, including a nerf to the previously too accurate snipers of Pilgrim Perch.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when enemies alerted each other about the presence of the player.
  • The “snipers” at Pilgrim Perch have had their aiming capabilities revised. They now have a high chance of missing their shots when the target is beyond 15 meters.
  • After noticing that players were often disregarding status effect resistance rings and runes, we’ve decided to give them all a noticeable boost to make them more competitive with other types and incorporate them into some builds.
  • Slightly increased the second hit damage for one-handed Grand Swords’ forward heavies to match it with its slightly slower animation.
  • Fixed an NPC corpse that was interactable before meeting the proper quest requirements.
  • Modified “the moving merchant” to sell 2 copies of the Slave Hunter Dagger, encouraging players to explore the dual-knives dual-wielding stance, which may be slightly overpowered and subject to potential nerfs in the future.
  • Several throwable items have been adjusted to eliminate camera collision properties, preventing undesired “zoom-ins”.
  • Text spilling on “Attack Power” has been resolved for several languages, including French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • A streaming volume issue at the Fief of the Chill Curse has been resolved to prevent players from falling into the void while the map wasn’t fully loaded, particularly for players likeĀ Auteru.

In his review of Lords of the Fallen, Francesco De Meo pointed to poor balance as one of the main drawbacks of the game.

The balancing approach of Lords of the Fallen is baffling. At first, I thought the game was balanced around co-op, which would make sense, given how easy it is to summon allies by interacting with the Vestige checkpoints. So, I tried summoning some allies, and the situation changed little. We were still swarmed by enemies, with the complication of having to revive my allies often, and not due to their lack of skill. Add in the fact that while in co-op, you could get invaded by another player, and you have yet another recipe for frustration. I understand wanting to make a game challenging, but going for the unfair route really doesn’t work, in my opinion. Lords of the Fallen made me feel like I was playing Dark Souls 2 again, one of the soulslike I despise the most.

Hopefully, after enough patches, Hexworks can eventually deliver a more satisfying Soulslike experience.

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