Lords of the Fallen Update v1.1.326 Introduces Nanite and Performance Improvements and More

A new Lords of the Fallen update is now live on PC and consoles, introducing multiple tweaks, Naninte, and performance improvements.

The new v1.1.326 update introduces a custom engine improvement that allows the developer to use Nanite for all Umbral meshed, resulting in a noticeable performance improvement in in Umbral. Several other areas of the game have also seen some performance improvements.

The new Lords of the Fallen update also updates NVIDIA DLSS 3 to its latest version, although Frame Generation still cannot be enabled by default. The update also brings a new lock-on system, tweaks to bosses, PVP/PVE balancing split, and much more. The full update notes can be found here.

With the many updates released in the past few weeks, Lords of the Fallen has definitely been improved over the launch version, which I found lackluster, as I highlighted in my review.

Lords of the Fallen boasts impressive visuals and an interesting story for a soulslike, but unfortunately, that’s where the praise ends. Despite functional gameplay and a well-designed world, the experience is marred by frustrating combat mechanics, subpar enemy placement, and an overall lack of polish, making it one of the most frustrating soulslikes ever released.

Lords of the Fallen is now out on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S worldwide.

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