Max Payne RTX Remix Annihilates Performance on an RTX 4080 GPU, New Comparison Video Highlights

The Max Payne RTX Remix mod introduces path tracing in the classic game developed by Remedy Entertainment, but at a very high cost, as even one of the most powerful GPUs on the market cannot run it at above 60 frames per second.

A new comparison video put together by MxBenchmarkPC shows how the visual improvements brought by the mod completely annihilate performance, as the game goes from running with over 1000 FPS to barely above 60 FPS on an RTX 4080 GPU. While the mod is still in development, and definitely lacks proper optimization, it is still telling how demanding path tracing is for current gaming hardware.

The Max Payne RTX Remix mod with path tracing is among the most ambitious RTX Remix mods in the works, as it also includes updated character models and assets. A playable demo is now available, allowing users to test out the remastered Roscoe Street Station.

Alongside the fanmade RTX Remix remaster, a proper Max Payne remake is currently in the works by Remedy Entertainment. The remake will feature the first two entries in the series remade from the ground up on the studio’s Northlight Engine and will be in line with a typical Remedy AAA-game production. Considering how Alan Wake II turned out to be one of the most visually impressive games of all time, it will be very interesting to see if this remake will be able to top it and bring the series properly into the current generation.

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