Metro Exodus Sold 10 Million Units in 5 Years, Next Mainline Installment Coming in 202X

Today, on the fifth anniversary of the launch of Metro Exodus, 4A Games announced that the latest mainline installment in their franchise has sold 10 million units, thus averaging two million per year. Previous sales milestones include six million units two years ago and 8.5 million units as of last March.

4A Games also took the time to look at the past and future roadmap for the franchise. The spin-off game Metro Awakening will be released later this year for VR platforms like PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2 and 3, and PC VR. Developed by Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine), it’s a prequel to Metro 2033 featuring a standalone narrative and original concept penned by series creator Dmitry Glukhovsky himself (also working as a story and lore consultant).

Players will step into the role of Serdar, a doctor on a quest to reunite with his wife by traveling through the mutant-infested tunnels beneath a post-apocalyptic Moscow. As Serdar, you will navigate a complex storyline that will test your faith in the rational and tempt you to embrace the awakening of the being you are destined to become.

Of course, the most interesting bit in the roadmap is the presence of the next mainline Metro game. Today, 4A Games only said it’s coming when ready, and the final number of the release date is blurred. It’s certainly not coming this year, but perhaps there’s hope for a 2025 launch yet.

That would be six years after Metro Exodus. Moreover, insider Tom Henderson claimed a year ago that the next Metro was fully playable. At the time, he even surmised it might launch in 2024, although that’s clearly not happening any longer.

It’s worth reminding that 4A Games is mostly composed of Ukrainian employees. As such, they were hit hard by the Russian invasion and even said the next game would be influenced by their war experiences. One of the animators who worked on Exodus died during a Ukraine defense mission in late 2022.

To tide fans over, 4A Games shared the full SDK with the community, allowing them to create mods such as ‘The Metro Calls’.

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