Myth of Empires 1.0 Launches on February 21; Steam Playtest to Take Place in Late January

Today, Angela Game has announced the exact launch date of Myth of Empires 1.0. The multiplayer sandbox game will be released on February 21 on Steam.

However, players will have the chance to give it a try around a month early thanks to the upcoming Steam playtest set for January 23 through 30. Signups are already live on the Myth of Empires store page. The playtest will include the new Dongzhou map and other 1.0 features in addition to the original map.

Here’s the full overview of Myth of Empires 1.0:

  • Brave an unforgiving world full of bandits, wild animals, and hostile players. Stave off hunger with meat collected through hunting, and collect resources from the world to build a fortress.
  • Engage enemies in intense, bloody combat. Control the direction of your strikes to maximize their impact and damage.
  • Craft dozens of different kinds of weapons and armor to help you in battle. Make swords, spears, halberds, axes, throwing weapons, crossbows, bows, shields, and more!
  • Construct massive siege weapons such as ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, and siege ladders to wreak havoc on enemy fortresses!
  • Traverse a massive open world by land, air, and sea. Tame mountable horses and elephants, soar through the skies on gliders and kites, or sail stream and sea alike upon your own crafted boats.
  • Two maps: Zhongzhou, the game’s original map; and Version 1.0’s new Dongzhou Island map, an expansive new world featuring islets, volcanoes, seas, and ships, as well as new boss content. The Dongzhou map is a free addition to the game.
  • A robust guild system allows players to form factions with their friends and form alliances with other guilds, all in the name of conquering the world!
  • Multiple ways to play the game, including hosted and solo modes, private servers, and official servers. Both PVE and PVP servers are available.
  • Modding support and a robust modding tool give players even more power over the world of Myth of Empires.

As you may recall, the game originally debuted on Steam Early Access in November 2021. However, it was quickly delisted from Valve’s store due to a copyright claim from Studio Wildcard (the developer behind ARK). Myth of Empire largely disappeared from the news until last October, when a settlement was announced where Studio Wildcard parent company Snail Games would act as the publisher. You can read more about that in my interview with Studio Wildcard co-founder and CEO Doug Kennedy.

Anyway, Myth of Empires is also launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

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