Nancy Pelosi Makes Over $1.4 Million on Her NVIDIA Call Options in Just 84 Days

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Ask any financial guru for a recipe for success, and the answer is likely to contain a variation of the following maxim: never fight the big boys – or gals, in our case. For, the Democratic party heavyweight, Nancy Pelosi, is a veritable shark in bait-rich waters, with a stellar stock-picking record and a long litany of service. Now, as NVIDIA continues to scale ever-increasing heights, Nancy Pelosi’s bullish bet on the stock is literally minting gold.

Nancy Pelosi Buys 50 NVIDIA Call Options

Nancy Pelosi bought 50 call options on NVIDIA on the 22nd of November, 2023. The career politician disclosed this trade on the 22nd of December, 2023.

Nancy Pelosi’s NVIDIA Trade Timeline

Capitol Trades has summarized Nancy Pelosi’s NVIDIA-related moves in the above chart. As is evident, the stock has sky-rocketed since the start of 2024, earning the career politician a lucrative windfall.

As per a tabulation by UnusualWhales, Nancy Pelosi is currently sitting on unrealized gains of over $1.4 million vis-a-vis her deep-in-the-money (ITM) call options on NVIDIA.

Of course, there is nothing patently illegal with politicians trading high-flying stocks. What does deserve deeper inspection is the fact that many of these politicians are able to beat the market consistently.

Meanwhile, as we noted in a previous post, NVIDIA is up around 400 percent relative to the start of 2023. More astonishing still, since the beginning of 2024, NVIDIA has added around $650 billion in market capitalization, which eclipses the entire market-based value of Tesla!

The GPU maker is currently benefiting from an AI hype supercycle as new investment worth trillions of dollars is directed toward establishing new data centers over the next decade to power a full-blown AI revolution.

We recently reported on an analysis that lagged NVIDIA’s stock price by 25 years to see how perfectly it aligns with that of Cisco – a darling of the market in the Dotcom bubble era. As shown in the above post, the two stocks align almost perfectly. What’s more, NVIDIA’s price will have to triple in the next 433 days to match the apex of Cisco’s valuation during the internet bubble. This means that in little over a year, NVIDIA’s market cap will have to eclipse $5 trillion for this analog to hold! Nancy Pelosi would presumably be rooting for just such an outcome.

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