Neon Prime, Valve’s Next Third-Person Shooter, Will Reportedly Be a “MOBA-Lite” with Huge, Destructible Maps

Neon Prime is reportedly going to be the next third-person shooter title from Valve, and “alleged” details surrounding the title have surfaced, revealing what the developer has in store for enthusiasts.

The first time we saw the title was almost a year ago when Valve registered the trademark for the game, but that was the only information we knew. Fast forwarding now, the famous Valve leaker Tyler McVicker has reportedly spoken to people involved in the project and has managed to obtain crucial information surrounding Valve’s next shooter title, Neon Prime. The expected features were summed up by Okami Games, which you can look at below:

  • Third-person ‘MOBA-Lite’ competitive shooter, with class-based and team-based features and “huge” fully destructible maps
  • Two teams on a very large playing field with the end goal being to defeat a big enemy at the back of the other team’s base
  • Each class will feature unique abilities and personalities (comparable to TF2) • Sci-fi setting with ‘DOTA-adjacent’ lore
  • The map is “huge” – there will be trains on the map to take you around
  • Voxel-based destruction allows for near fully destructible maps (think Teardown) • Different classes can issue “commands” to their team

Neon Prime holds great interest amongst the Valve community mainly due to the fact that many call it “Half-Life inspired”, and the features mentioned above do resemble Valve’s famous franchise. At this time, we aren’t aware of a release date, however, Tyler has mentioned that we are “close to the announcement”, with the original trademark getting renewed and close to approval.

It’s possible that the release of Neon Prime won’t be far behind the announcement. After all, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 on March 22; the game was subsequently released on September 27, roughly six months later. Of course, a new IP may require more lead time to inform users.

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