New PS5 Dualsense Controller Version Listed by Major Retailer; Mentions Included Charging Station

Retailer Best Buy has listed a new PS5 DualSense controller version, which is said to include a charging station.

As spotted on X by Canadian user ‘Lbabinz’, the Canadian website of Best Buy mentions the new “PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller”. “Take the gaming action into your own hands when you play with the PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense wireless controller”, the description of the ‘new’ version reads. Interestingly enough, the listing also mentions an included charging station, which would allow for “easy click-in charging”. The new DualSense version is listed with a retail price of 89.99 Canadian dollars, which converts to roughly USD 67 – this is the same price as the current DualSense controller version in the US. As such, the mention of an included charger might very well be a mistake from the retailer. Of course, it’s also possible that Sony has decided to include a charging station for the same price as the current DualSense controller.

We’ve included a screenshot of the listing at Best Buy below in case it gets pulled or altered:

While the listing also mentions “exceptional 12-hour battery life”, this is the same battery life that Sony has boasted for the current model. As such, don’t expect the battery inside this new version to last longer. We’ll update you as soon as we learn more about the new DualSense controller version. Here’s what we wrote about the DualSense controller upon the launch of the PS5 back in 2020:

Using haptics in controllers has been quite substandard, and often solely functioned as another gimmick, but the haptics tech and new adaptive triggers inside the DualSense controller might very well be the best next-gen feature of the PS5. There I said it, the DualSense could end up making the difference when deciding on which platform to play your multiplatform games on. That is, at least, if third-party developers decide to make full use of the tech in their future titles.

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