Nintendo Switch 2 Dev Kit Important Update Reportedly Allows Developers to Go “One Step Further”

The Nintendo Switch 2 dev kit reportedly received an important update, according to rumors circulating online.

As reported by Nash Weedle on X/Twitter, this new update was confirmed by a developer, who added that the tools now allow them to go “one step further.” What this update changed hasn’t been defined, but Nash Weedle speculates that the statement from the developer refers, among other things, to an update to the NVIDIA DLSS upscaler, which the console is supposed to support.

As the Nintendo Switch 2 was supposedly delayed to 2025, it will be some time until we finally hear more about the system and its specifications. A reveal, however, seems to be getting closer. Nate the Hate reported in the latest episode of their podcast that Nintendo recently asked developers for assets from their games, suggesting that preparation is underway for the official announcement of the system.

With this lack of information, speculation has been rampant on the Nintendo Switch 2 specs. Based on the T239 chip that will power the system, the console will hardly be able to match the level of performance of the weakest current-generation console, the Xbox Series S, although the rumored NVIDIA DLSS Ray Reconstruction support could make its ray tracing capabilities the best in the current generation, which is hardly surprising, considering how much ahead of AMD NVIDIA is when it comes to ray tracing.

The Nintendo Switch 2 has yet to be revealed. We will keep you updated as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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