Palworld Nintendo DS Demake Looks Like Something You Would be Playing in 2006

Ever wondered what Pocketpair’s Pokemon with Guns game Palworld could have looked like in 2006? An impressive new Palworld Nintendo DS Demake video gives an impression.

Palworld has been an amazing success for the Japanese developer across both PC and Xbox. More than 19 million players have played the title since its launch, and more than 12 million copies have been sold through Steam alone (up from its initial 8 million sales within a week). As expected, shortly after the game’s launch, modders released actual Pokemon mods for the title, but these were quickly taken out by Nintendo. Afterward, Nintendo-owned The Pokémon Company released a statement, stating that it would ‘investigate’ the game due to possible IP infringements related to Pokémon.

No matter how you put it, the resemblance with the Pokémon franchise is clear, and we now have a video showing how PocketPair’s game could have looked like if it was a Nintendo DS title. Like most of its demake videos, the video from YouTube channel ’64 Bits’ is impressive, and it looks like a game that we might have played on Nintendo’s handheld back in 2006. It’s clear that this demake features the art style and gameplay of the Nintendo DS Pokémon titles. Check out the video below and judge for yourself:

Of course, this is merely a concept video and not a game that can actually be downloaded. Still, we’re pretty sure that fans will appreciate this Palworld Nintendo DS demake video.

Palworld is available now for PC and Xbox (through Game Pass). Here’s what we wrote about the game in our impressions article last month:

Overall, Palworld is a neat survival game that only feels like it borrows the Pokemon aesthetic. The game is a fun venture, especially with multiple players as they share your adventure with you. Palworld isn’t too hard in its Normal setting, but you can still give yourself a challenge through the game’s Hard difficulty if you so wish.

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