Palworld PvP “Pal Arena” Mode Gets a First Trailer, Will Launch in 2024

Palworld has made its name by allowing players to do a lot of things Pokemon would never let you do, but there’s one core Pokemon features it doesn’t have – the ability to take on others in PvP battles. Well, it seems that’s going to change, as during today’s Triple-I Initiative showcase, we got a first peek at the “Pal Arena” PvP mode, coming sometime in 2024.

We don’t have a ton of details on the Pal Arena mode yet, but here’s how Palworld developer Pocket Pair describes what they’re working on…

“The Pal Arena makes its way to Palworld in 2024. Battle against other players, pitting both yourself and your pals against them. Train the strongest Pals and defeat all your rivals.”

So yes, not only will your Pals be able to take each other on, you’ll be able to take up arms and tackle the arena yourself. Pokemon would certainly be a heck of a lot different if Ash could just bust out a shotgun and go to town when he thinks a battle isn’t going his way. The teaser also shows side-by-side action, which might just be something they’ve done for the trailer, but splitscreen multiplayer would be a cool feature, so let’s hope it’s in.

Palworld has sold over 25 million copies, and recently updated to add its first raid boss. Wccftech’s Ule Lopez put quite a few hours into the game, and found it to be a fun survival game despite its rather shameless swiping from Pokemon…

“Palworld is a neat survival game that only feels like it borrows the Pokemon aesthetic. The game is a fun venture, especially with multiple players as they share your adventure with you. […] While this game already offered an experience that at least provided me and my friends with over 30 hours of fun, there will be stuff that will make the game even more fun. It only makes me excited to see what the game will have to offer in the near future.”

Palworld can be played on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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