PlayStation 5 Pro AI Upscaling Hinted At By AMD Chief Technology Officer

AI upscaling is set to be deployed starting this year in AMD’s gaming devices, which include the yet-to-be-revealed PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 6.

Speaking with the No Priors: AI, Machine Learning, Tech, & Startups YouTube channel in a new interview, AMD Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster talked about what’s next for the company regarding AI, saying that 2024 is a huge year for AMD, as they just completed AI enabling in their entire portfolio. 2024 is also a huge deployment year for them, as they are enabling their gaming devices to upscale using AI, hinting at the fact that devices available or launching this year will be able to do so. As the next generation consoles are launching in a few years, this statement seems to strongly hint that the yet-to-be-revealed PlayStation 5 Pro, rumored to launch later this year, will indeed feature AI upscaling.

While PlayStation 5 Pro is almost certainly going to support AI upscaling, it is going to run on the GPU, as the Viola APU that will power the system has no NPUs, according to known AMD leaker Kepler. While the leaker was dubious about AI upscaling even being a thing for the console without Sony sharing its R&D efforts with AMD, today’s statement seems to confirm how the companies actually worked together on it.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is rumored to release later this year. We will keep you updated on the system as soon as more information is revealed, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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