PlayStation Portal Teardown Video Reveals Underpowered Chip, Bad Repairability and More

A new PlayStation Portal teardown video was shared online, providing a good look at the device’s internal and more.

The teardown, which was conducted by Jacob R, revealed how the device, as expected, is powered by an underpowered chip, so modding is likely not going to turn the system into an emulation powerhouse. Also, the video highlights how the device doesn’t feature great repairability as it’s even difficult to take apart, something that could definitely become a problem in the future.

The PlayStation Portal was announced to be a Remote Play focused device, and this it does quite well, as highlighted by Kai in his review. In the future, however, it may also support cloud streaming, increasing its appeal considerably beyond the small demographics Sony wanted to target at launch.

The PlayStation Portal isn’t quite the portable successor that players have been asking for from Sony since the decline of the PlayStation Vita. That being said, the PlayStation Portal does one job and does it exceedingly well. It might not reinvent the remote play experience, but for those relying on controller clips to mount a phone to the top of a DualSense controller or third-party controllers that use a mobile device as the display, an official Sony product just makes sense for a unified solution. It might not replace those Backbone controllers and other devices that players might have in their home, but the PlayStation Portal might wind up being the controller that players start reaching for first. 

The PlayStation Portal is now out in select regions, although it may be difficult to purchase as the system is sold out almost everywhere.

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