Presidents Day Deal: Up to 62% Mega Discount on Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Key

Chances are that you’ve used at least a few Microsoft Office programs before, even if you’ve never worked in an actual office. Tools like Word and PowerPoint have been a staple on home and work PCs for nearly 30 years, and more recent tools such as Microsoft Teams made the transition to remote work seamless for millions of people. It’s hard to tell the importance of Office suites with just a few words. Microsoft’s Office suite is extremely popular, but also very expensive if you don’t want to opt for the subscription version. However, on Keysfan Sale With Huge Discount, it’s currently possible to grab a lifetime license for Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for just $30.53 —90% off the $439.99 MSRP. Keysfan achieved a rating of 4.9 on TP. High customer feedback represents a perfect shopping experience. During the event, you can apply a 62% discount on bundle products, although they are already at special prices: like Office 2021 Professional Plus & Windows 11 Pro Bundle, which simply costs $40.69 to get a lifetime Office suite and the latest operating system.  Bundle caters to users’ essential work requirements, providing them with digital tools to help them reach their objectives. Purchasing Windows 11 Pro alone costs $14.99. Windows 11 Pro is not just for individual users, it caters extensively to the needs of businesses. In the age of remote work and digital collaboration, Windows will make you even more powerful!

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  1. After filling in the necessary information or clicking “continue as guest”, if you want to pay using your credit card, simply select the credit card payment option. If you want to pay via PayPal, click on CDZEPay (don’t worry, the PayPal portal will come later).
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Keysfan is a global sales of software keys including Microsoft products, tools, antivirus, games, and more. And Keysfan has always been committed to making small profits but quick turnovers. While ensuring that every customer can buy their favorite software keys at the lowest price, Keysfan can maintain regular expenses and profitability. But low prices do not mean defrauding customers with defective products.

Keysfan knows the “history” of each license it sells, so the end-user can use them without any problems. The license you buy from Keysfan is not subject to subscription, so the Keysfan license is “lifetime” and you have unlimited access: The operating system will be updated and supported by Microsoft throughout its lifetime. If you find a problem after purchasing, you can contact the 7/24 customer service in time, and they will reply immediately and help you solve the problem. Keysfan intimately set up a detailed description of the product. Please read the system requirements of the product carefully before purchasing. After placing an order, key and more information about download and installation you will get in the instant delivery email, please also check the spam or junk mail folder. You can click on the link above to enter the product details page for product information. Happy shopping!

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