Princess Peach: Showtime! – Are There Any Post-Game Unlockables?

Princess Peach: Showtime! is here, giving the Mushroom Kingdom monarch a chance to break out of the damsel role and do a little world-saving of her own. While the game is largely pitched to younger audiences, there are still a few things about the game that might inspire questions, and we’re here to help!

Princess Peach: Showtime! is a relatively brief game (around 5 or 6 hours) so some folks may be wondering if there’s any additional content or challenges unlocked once you roll credits to extend things a bit. The good news is – there is! Scroll on down to find out what you can busy yourself with even after you’ve taken down Grape and the Sour Bunch…

Hide-and-Seek Challenge

In addition to the usual Sparkle Gems that can be found in each stage, once you complete the game and talk to the little ninja guy in the lobby pictured above, you can also search for hidden ninjas in every stage. There’s a total of three in most stages, although some only have one.

Boss Challenges

Showtime actually has some pretty solid boss battles, and in the post-game you can take them on while trying to achieve new objectives. These will earn you more Sparkle Gems and you can get new images from the Pictioneer in the lobby if you grab all of them.

Gussy Up the Theater!

So, once you complete the game, what’s the point of collecting extra Sparkle Gems, beyond completionism? Well, post-game you can use them to purchase cosmetic upgrades for the Sparkle Theater.

Some New Looks

This isn’t an activity per se, but a series of special dresses will also become available for purchase post-game, and they’re definitely some of the coolest in the game.

And there you are – plenty to keep you busy after you’ve saved the world!

Princess Peach: Showtime! is available now on Nintendo Switch. You can check out Wccftech’s other Princess Peach: Showtime! guides here.

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