Quantum Error Developer Lashes Out Following Community Criticism and Subpar Reviews

Quantum Error developer TeamKill Media has taken to Twitter to respond to community criticism and subpar reviews of its cosmic-horror journey.

The story-drive cosmic horror shooter from the indie studio is releasing later this week for PlayStation 5 after being announced back in 2020. Back in August, the game went gold, and yesterday, reviews for the title dropped. At the moment of writing, the game is sitting at a “47” Metacritic and “49” OpenCritic score, although these scores are based on only a few reviews. The team behind Quantum Error has received quite an amount of backlash over its game, and on Twitter, the studio has now lashed out against those trashing the studio. Aside from snapping out, the team is also said to be taking all of the criticism as a compliment due to TeamKill Media being a small studio with a limited budget compared to the large AAA studios with enough money to spend.

“We are proud of our game and actually take all the criticism as a compliment to be judged against AAA budget games when we are clearly indie with a small budget which creates limitations”, TeamKill Media writes on Twitter. “For everyone trashing us on social media or rejoicing in trashing us, it won’t stop us or change what we’re doing. We can’t wait for the gamers to play QE. We are so excited our players are going to finally get to play our game and nothing will stop our excitement. We will continue to get better and with a bigger budget do even more in the future. Negative opinions do absolutely nothing to change our resolve and [the] games we’re working on. Some people are not going to like our game and that’s fine because that’s why there are a lot of other games you can choose. Constructive criticism we accept. To the gamers, we are not modern gaming, we are more old school and QE is meant to be explored and figured out on your own after the tutorials.”

Quite the response. What are your thoughts on this? Will you be picking up Quantum Error upon launch? Hit the comments below, but as always, play nicely.

Quantum Error is releasing for PS5 on November 3, and the team has said that it’s also working on a PC version. An Xbox Series X version is said to be held back by the slower SSD inside Microsoft’s console. We’ll update you as soon as more information about a future PC version and an Xbox version comes in.

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