Quantum Error Devs Return Already with Son and Bone, a PS5-Exclusive Dinosaur Shooter

2023 was a year of extremes, with a lot of great games, but a lot of notably bad games as well. Quantum Error was one of the latter. Developed by TeamKill Media, Quantum Error garnered attention for being one of the earlier games to commit to using Unreal Engine 5, its solid voice cast, and its PS5 exclusivity (PC and Xbox Series X versions were announced at various times, but never materialized). Unfortunately, the game ended up being kind of mess, with reviewers and players alike lambasting it.

That said, unlike the developers of some other poorly reviewed 2023 games, it seems TeamKill Media aren’t letting the failure of Quantum Error slow them down. They have now announced another PS5 exclusive, entitled Son and Bone. The game is a bit of a genre mashup, pitting cowboys again… dinosaurs? Sure, why not? The first trailer shows off plenty of fast-paced shooting action, which is certainly a marked departure from the more slow-paced gameplay of Quantum Error. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.

Well, that didn’t look like the most polished thing ever. Then again, who am I to criticize a game where you can shoot an ankylosaurus in the face and stab a triceratops in the eye with its own horn? It’s been a while since we got a new Turok game and those dinos need to be put back in their place. Here’s a bit more detail about Son and Bone’s story/world, such as it is…

“When a local farm in Patchwork, MT is attacked by a group of notorious bandits, Sheriff  Sam Judge sets out to bring them to justice by any means necessary and save the hostage they have taken. But on his journey, through the mysterious motives of those he pursues, Sam finds himself transported to another world overrun with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs and now must fight for his life to make it back to earth.”

Son and Bone is coming to PS5 sometime in 2024. What do you think? Does the game actually look promising? Or is TeamKill Media preparing to deliver back-to-back Worst Game of the Year candidates?

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