Redfall Gets New Weapon and Improved Animations in Third Update; New Heroes Still in Development for 2024

A few hours ago, Arkane Austin released the third major update for Redfall. The highlight of the patch is the addition of a new weapon called Basilisk, an Unrivaled Sniper Rifle that can petrify vampires with the first bullet of a full magazine. Basilisk can be found randomly wherever Unrivaled items usually drop, though it has a higher chance of appearing from Bellwether containers found in the open world and from vampire nests.

The Redfall update also improves NPC pathing and animations, reduces stuttering, and introduces several balance changes.

    • Balanced enemy abilities and traits:
      • Siphon’s Blood Torrent ability takes longer to interrupt when breaking line of sight.
      • Increased Siphon’s resistances to fire.
      • Vampires deal more damage to Bribón and Devinder’s Quantum Kerfuffle decoy when attacking from close range.
      • Soulless enemies deal more damage when attacking players from close range.
      • Watchers react faster to players in line of sight and spawn reinforcements in combat more often. Shrouds, Anglers, and Siphons are now gated from spawning in the open world until players reach a specific level or complete certain missions.
  • Human enemies are now able to climb awnings.
  • Improved quality of enemy pathing and human movement animations.
  • Traversing through Deathmist should no longer cause performance issues.
  • Resolved issue with contact shadows interfering with self-shadowing.
  • Resolved issue with some Game Settings not persisting between game launches.
  • Restored default windowed mode to ‘Windowed Fullscreen’.
  • The Redfall game client now saves window location between game launches.
  • Various performance fixes related to FPS drops and stuttering.
  • Addressed edge-case crash condition with late joining game clients.

This update follows last month’s patch that introduced Performance mode on Xbox Series S|X consoles and takedown animations, among other things. Following the underwhelming launch, Bethesda promised it would help the studio improve the game as it did with previous releases like The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76.

Indeed, at the end of this update, Arkane confirmed it is still developing the Hero Pass content. The two new heroes and other Redfall updates will be revealed (and presumably released, too) at some point in 2024.

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