Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Adds the “Invoker” Archetype, New Area This Month

Remnant II developer Gunfire Games have announced the game’s second story expansion, The Forgotten Kingdom, will launch later this month. Much like the first chunk of Remnant II story DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom will add a new playable class, the Invoker, and expand the Yaesha biome with new areas to explore, bosses, and a fresh self-contained storyline. You can check out the first trailer for Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom, below.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Yaesha biome in the original Remnant II, but it seems like they’re doing some interesting things with it, and the Invoker looks badass. Need to know more? Here are the key features for The Forgotten Kingdom…

  • New Storyline, Dungeons, and Area Based in the World of Yaesha – Delve deeper into the biome of Yaesha and experience a brand-new storyline where players will unravel the mystery of Yaesha’s lost tribe and a vengeful stone spirit called Lydusa, and her living stone constructs.
  • New Archetype: The Invoker – Drawing strength from the Nature Spirits of Yaesha, this new Archetype can harness the mystic power of the jungle. More details on the Archetype will be revealed in a new Archetype Reveal Trailer next week!
  • Many Items and Powerful Weapons that Enhance Gameplay – Outfit the wanderer to survive this more deadly version of the world of Yaesha by choosing from a host of new weapons and modifications, along with new items, like amulets and rings.
  • New Bosses, Characters and Fearsome Creatures to Encounter – Mysterious threats and survivors, of unknown origin, emerge from the crumbling remnants of the forgotten civilization of Yaesha bringing new challenges for all players.

The Forgotten Kingdom is available as part of the $25 Remnant II season pass, or can be purchased a la carte for $10. I played through Gunfire’s first DLC, Remnant II: The Awakened King, and found it to be quite a refreshing addition, and, in fact, more fun than the core game in some ways.

Remnant II can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The Forgotten Kingdom launches on April 23.

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