Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Founds Kamuy Inc, His New Post-Tango-Gameworks Studio

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has had a long and winding road through the industry, starting at Capcom, before jumping to short-lived offshoot Clover Games, then PlatinumGames, and then his own Bethesda-backed studio Tango Gameworks. Mikami stepped away from Tango in the past year, leaving it in the capable hands of protégé John Johanas, and it was unclear what his next step would be.

Well, it seems Mikami is involved in Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered, a new version of his joint venture with No More Heroes director Suda51. A website for the new version of Shadows of the Damned has a profile for Mikami, which mentions he’s started a new company, Kamuy Inc.

“In 2010, Mikami founded Tango K.K. (renamed Tango Gameworks in October of the same year after becoming part of ZeniMax Media) after which he directed and released The Evil Within. He also acted as executive producer on Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush. After leaving Tango Gameworks, he established Kamuy Inc.”

Of course, we don’t know too much about Kamuy Inc. at the moment. Is the plan to build it up into something that will produce its own games? We shall see, although Mikami has repeatedly said he would like to direct one more game before retiring.

In the meantime, Mikami will have his name on Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered. Here’s a quick description of the game…

“A hidden gem of gaming is coming back on current platforms. Shadows of the Damned, the 2011 Hell-traversing “road movie action-adventure game” set in a supper-eccentric “Hell + rock & roll”-themed world, is coming back as a premastered edition!

The game takes players on a wild ride with demon hunter Garcia Hotspur, as he kicks demon ass and makes his way through the darkest depths of Hell, lighting up the darkness with his burning passion on a mission to rescue his true love from an insidious demon king.”

Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch sometime in 2024.

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