Rumored Nintendo Switch Flash Cart Video Shows Multiple Games on a Single Cart

A video has surfaced online, showing a rumored upcoming Nintendo Switch flash cart loaded with multiple Switch games.

As posted on X by ‘After Time X’, it appears that someone is currently testing an upcoming cartridge for the Nintendo Switch which packs numerous Switch roms. This person is said to have supplied a video of him/her testing this card in a Switch, allowing games stored on this card to be loaded and played. Apparently, this upcoming flash card will be arriving soon (first units are said to arrive next month), and will support all Switch software versions from all regions, and all Switch models.

Apparently a “flash cart” type device is coming pretty soon for the #NintendoSwitch which supports all firmware, all consoles types, from all regions”, the post from ‘After Time X’ on X reads. “Although it was long overdue, we were a bit skeptical, so we ask for some kind of proof. To our surprise, this person sent us soon after a video demonstrating the product in use. And it seems perfectly legit.”

In the video that was posted, the user testing the card is manually inserting and removing the card in order to cycle through the different games on the cart. The video also shows these games to be booted up. The video which shows the flash cart being used can be found here.

If legit, we’re pretty sure that some Switch owners will be happy with this kind of product, although we’re pretty sure that Nintendo doesn’t allow this kind of product. Looking at the video, this flash cart has similarities with the popular R4 cards for the Nintendo 3DS,  which were banned in some regions due to copyright infringement lawsuits from Nintendo. Not only that, but Nintendo also went after merchants who sold these kinds of carts. This product doesn’t appear to be a kernel exploit (or other typical Switch hacks) that would allow custom firmware to be run on the Switch, as teased by Team Xecuter some years back.

Of course, we don’t support these kinds of products, and we only support Switch software to be purchased and obtained legally. Then again, if you do legally own a copy of the games that are placed on a cart, we can imagine it’s a more easy way to cycle through games without having to swap Switch cartridges.

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