STALKER: Legends of the Zone Trilogy Leaked – Brings the Series to Consoles

[UPDATE] STALKER: Legends of the Zone Trilogy was indeed announced during the Xbox Partner Showcase, and it’s actually already out on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

GSC Game World also shared some information, revealing that mod support via will be coming soon. Players on both ecosystems will be able to create modifications on PC and install them on consoles. Later this year, the developer also plans to release a current gen patch for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, introducing graphical/performance improvements and additional features.

[ORIGINAL STORY] A few Japanese retailers such as Neowing have leaked the existence of STALKER: Legends of the Zone Trilogy, a collection that includes 2007’s Shadow of Chernobyl, 2008’s Clear Sky, and 2009’s Call of Pripyat, delivering GSC Game World’s franchise for the first time to consoles.

According to these retailers, STALKER: Legends of the Zone Trilogy will be released for PlayStation 4 on June 27. Of course, it is likely also coming to Xbox platforms. In fact, chances are it’ll be unveiled at the Xbox Partner Showcase that will air later today.

Don’t expect a graphics remaster or anything like that, though. The screenshots on the store pages look pretty much like the vanilla games, meaning PC players will still come out on top with the many graphics-enhancing mods available for these games.

Still, GSC Game World clearly believes this may help introduce the franchise to a new user base ahead of the sequel’s launch, slated for September 5 on PC and Xbox Series S|X (it will also be included with Game Pass). Here’s the feature set of STALKER: Legends of the Zone Trilogy:

■Survival horror FPS that takes you into the taboo:
Set in an open world around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ruins recreated based on on-site interviews, the “A-Life” system that allows NPCs to act independently, food, medical supplies, weapons, etc. The legendary trilogy of the “STALKER” series, which is still supported by many fans due to the implementation of pioneering FPS elements such as resource management such as ammunition, is now available in one volume!

■A unique setting where you are isolated in a dangerous place where time has stopped forever:
Several years after another large explosion of unknown cause occurs at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the contaminated area is inhabited by mutated creatures. It became an unknown area called the “Zone”. What awaits you at the end of your quest for survival?

■Exploration is the key to survival:
In order to survive this dangerous land as a true stalker, constant exploration is essential. Valuable trophies, advanced equipment, necessary supplies, discovering new allies, unknown shortcuts, and uncovering mysteries hidden in this land will dramatically increase your chances of survival. In the heart of a heavily guarded zone, you have the chance to forge your own destiny. Embark on a journey of unknown encounters, unexpected discoveries, and self-discovery on this ultimate exploratory journey.

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