Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – How to Solve All 21 of the Game’s Riddles

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out now, and while the game mostly focuses on action and big boss battles, the game does force you to use you brain now and then too. The Riddler has returned in Kill the Justice League, and there are a number of riddles scattered throughout Metropolis for you to solve. You don’t get any big rewards for this, but you’ll need to solve these riddles in order to get 100 percent completion and earn “The Right Question” and “The Real Deal” trophies/achievements. If you’re looking to clean them up quickly, scroll on down for answers to all 21 of the game’s riddles…

As you’re making your way around Metropolis, Riddler will pipe his puzzles directly into your ear. The answer to these riddles is always some landmark in the area, so to solve the puzzle you have to look at that key landmark then press up on the d-pad to scan it. The scanning is pretty generous – as long as you’ve got the landmark in view, it should work, although if it doesn’t just adjust your position a bit. Each one of Metropolis’ seven neighborhoods have three riddles, so we’ll also break the riddles down by neighborhood.

Note: You can rotate Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s map freely, but align it so Racine/the Hall of Justice is on the bottom/south of the map and the Central Business District/Lex’s Tower is at the top/north so this guide’s directions will make sense.


This is the area around the Hall of Justice in the southeast corner of the map.

Riddle: Within: League statuses, silver smirks. Without: These golden waterworks.

Scan the ruined golden fountain outside the Hall of Justice.

Riddle: A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace.

Near the Hall of Justice, to the east, you’ll find a small area with Greek-themed architecture. Here you’ll find one of Wonder Woman’s shields embedded in the wall. Scan it.

Riddle: With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead.

Head to the Metropolis docks, which are slightly north of the Hall of Justice along the waterfront. Look for a large blue shipping container with “Gotham City North Refrigeration” written on it. It’s on top of a stick of shipping containers, and the one below it, for “The Golden Lobster” is actually more immediately noticeable.


This neighborhood is located north of Racine in the mid-east part of the map along the waterfront.

Riddle: Though Brainiac has tanked Batman’s stocks, this place still proves that money talks.

Find the Wayne Bank and scan the sign.

Riddle: Within this city’s fiscal stash, Lex Luthor sits upon your cash.

Not far from Wayne Bank, you’ll find Luthor Financial. Once again, scan the sign.

Riddle: At both ends, their candles burning / Bright minds in these halls of learning.

A bit to the west of the banking district where you solved the previous two riddles, look for the Stanhope College building.

Centennial Park

This is basically Metropolis’ version of New York’s Central Park, located smack-dab in the middle of the map.

Riddle: A stirring figure to behold, the world’s false idol cast in gold.

This is, of course, the big Superman statue you pass by many times in the game.

Riddle: To welcome those from far and wide, this sign spells out our civic pride.

This is the big Hollywood-style “Metropolis” sign near the stadium.

Riddle: Within their lair the Thousands plot, too many X’s mark the spot.

This is one of the trickier ones. Not far from the Superman statue – to its southwest – check out the underpass shown above. Inside you’ll find some graffiti and a Superman symbol and the words “Super-Dood.” Near this, you’ll find a smaller series of 5 Xes written on the wall.


This large neighborhood is located in the southwest corner of the map.

Riddle: In Bakerline, a renter’s choice, and there resides the people’s voice.

Near the north edge of the Bakerline neighborhood, look for a somewhat run down looking apartment block with a “Sullivan Place” sign on the roof.

Riddle: Outside the Science Center’s wall, find something big that once was small.

Well, this one tells you right where to go! Go to the Science Center (it’s near the Sullivan Place apartments) and scan the big bronze atom.

Riddle: Printing stories to astound, this Planet makes the news go round.

Head to the Daily Planet and scan the titular planet on top of the building.

Wonderland District

This is the theme-park located in the middle-west part of the map along the waterfront.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Riddle: Rising high, a sun-kissed tower, a beacon of the city’s power.

This one is right on the border of the Bakerline neighborhood, near the Science Center. Look for the art-deco-style Solar Tower building.

Riddle: Thrill the kids, delight your tot! You want some fun? Give this a Schott.

Toward the northwest section of this neighborhood, look for Schott’s Toys with its somewhat unsettling clown mascot on the roof.

Riddle: A magic show, strange and absurd, the secret spell’s a mirrored word.

In the area near/below the big blimp, look for the Cain theatre. On one side of the building, you’ll see a poster for a Zatanna show. Scan that.

Suicide Slums

This is a rather small neighborhood is in the northwest corner of the map dominated by the arena you fight Green Lantern in.

Riddle: A toast to those who came before, a bronze-cast Lex progenitor.

Around the center of this neighborhood at ground level, look for a tarnished-looking female statue. This is, apparently, Lex forebearer Elana Luthor.

Riddle: Here studying her crystal ball, the city’s mystic know-it-all.

In the northeast section of the Suicide Slums, nestled below the raised train tracks, you’ll find Madame Xanadu’s tarot-reading shop.

Riddle: In quiet crypts, the city’s best, take Viking-like eternal rest.

Near where you fight Green Lantern, you’ll find the Chapel Hill Cemetery and a building/crypt covered in vines labelled “Valhalla.”

Central Business District

This is the high-rise district to the north of the map where Lex’s tower is.

Riddle: In Director Bones’s operation, see normal rise above its station.

Near the LexCorp building, you’ll find a smaller building with the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) logo on the side.

Riddle: With colors bright and profits low, here Simon says he runs the show.

To the west of LexCorp, you’ll find a building with a bright Google-esque “Stagg” logo written on it. Scan the sign.

Riddle: The symbol of a reigning Queen, it’s where our Ollie makes his green.

Once again, near the LexCorp towers, look for a green building with a big Q on it. Of course, this belongs to Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow.

Phew! And there you have it! All 21 of Suicide Squad’s Riddler brainteasers, solved! Enjoy the satisfaction of having outwitted Batman’s most clever adversary (with a little help).

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Suicide Squad guides here.

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