Suikoden III HD Remaster Project Announced With New Screenshots, Video

A Suikoden III HD Remaster modding project was revealed online yesterday with some comparison screenshots and video that highlight the high quality of the project.

The comparison screenshots, which can be found below, highlight how developer 1vierock is doing an excellent job improving the game’s textures and visual quality without overhauling the game’s aesthetics in any significant way. Unfortunately, a release date for this unofficial remaster has yet to be announced.

While Konami hasn’t shown any interest in officially remastering Suikoden III so far, the series is about to come back to modern consoles and PC with the Suikoden I & 2 HD Remaster: Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars. The remastered versions of the two classic JRPGs released on the first PlayStation will come with graphical improvements, including new screen effects such as lighting, clouds, and shadows animations, redesigned effects, new character drawings, new environmental sounds not found in the original releases, improved sound effects, quality of life enhancements, such as double-speed battles and more. The remasters were supposed to be released this year, but they have been delayed to a yet-to-be-confirmed release date. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer to see the remasters released and welcome back one of the best JRPG series ever released.

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