Super Mario RPG – Combat Tips for Those Aiming to Hammer the Competition

After nearly three decades, the classic Super Mario RPG is back and as quirky as ever. This one-of-a-kind take on both the Super Mario universe and RPG genre is packed with unique mechanics, secrets, and puzzles that may be a bit perplexing for new players at first, but we’re here to help you.

The first thing you need to do to succeed in Super Mario RPG is master its combat, which offers an engaging combination of traditional turn-based mechanics and action cues. Super Mario RPG’s battles are a little more demanding than some of the games that came later, like Paper Mario, but with our tips, you’ll be Drill-Clawing the competition into submission…

Master your timed hits!

While Super Mario RPG has players choose commands from a menu, performing certain quick-time-style actions will boost the effectiveness of your attacks or block the damage you take from enemies. Mastering these timed hits and blocks isn’t really optional, as they make a very significant difference.

When on offense, you want to push the A button again as you land a blow, although the timing varies depending on what character and weapon you’re using. If you’re having trouble with the timing, the new SMRPG will help you by displaying a yellow indicator at the right time (once you get the timing right a couple times it will disappear). Make sure to really watch your character’s animation as they attack, tapping the button slightly before they make impact with an enemy. All this applies for defense as well. Watch the animation of the enemy’s attack closely, and tap the button shortly before impact. This isn’t a “one timing fits all” situation.

Special moves can be timed too

It isn’t just basic weapon attacks that benefit from timed hits – basically everything is boosted by tapping the button at the right time. This includes offensive Special attacks, but also healing move and buffs. Try to get the maximum out of everything you do.

Chain together correctly-timed attacks

A new feature for the Super Mario RPG is that you get a boost to your stats for chaining together successful timed hits and blocks. The benefit can actually be pretty significant if you boost the multiplier high enough, so if you have a really good chain going, you might want to focus on attacks you’re really confident about being able to hit timed hits with.

Get comfortable with switching out party members

Another addition to the Super Mario RPG remake is that you can now switch out party members at any time – it doesn’t even consume a turn. So, for instance, if you have a large mob of enemies you may want to swap in Geno who has some very good multi-target attacks to take out some of the weaker baddies, then swap in Bowser to pound on the tougher ones. There’s no reason to ever be caught flat-footed. You can always have the best team for any situation.

Use Mallow’s Thought Peek to strategize

Speaking of swapping out team members, poor Mallow is probably the least useful of the bunch, with one big exception – the Thought Peek Special allows you to see an enemy’s weaknesses and total HP. Whenever you face a boss or even just a new regular enemy type, swap Mallow in for a turn, and do some recon.

Save Triple Move attacks for when you really need them

The final big thing the new Super Mario RPG adds are Triple Move attacks that you can launch once you max out a gauge that fills with every successful timed hit. These are fairly powerful, but they take a while to recharge, so don’t just burn through them as soon as you get them. Save them for bosses or times when a special enemy has you on the ropes. Also, keep in mind that different party combinations will result in different Triple Move attacks. Swap out party members to use your favorites.

Don’t forget about items

In addition to your basic health and FP replenishing items, there are a number of attack and support items that can actually be quite useful. Deal all enemies on screen 200 damage with Rock Candy or protect a key party member from attacks with Red Essence. Sometimes when you’re really against the wall a well-timed item deployment can be the difference between victory and defeat.

And there you go – keep these tips in mind and stay on your toes, and you and your Mushroom Kingdom crew will be cleaning house.

Super Mario RPG is available now on Nintendo Switch. You can check out Wccftech’s other Super Mario RPG guides here.

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