Switch 2 Release Rumored to Have Slipped to Early 2025, OG Switch to Remain Focus in 2024

[UPDATE #2] Bloomberg has also chimed in to say that the Switch 2 won’t be released until March 2025 at the earliest.

[UPDATE #1] The reliable Andy Robinson at Video Games Chronicle is now also reporting “multiple” sources have told him Nintendo recently briefed third-party publishers, saying the release of the Switch 2 has indeed been pushed to Q1 2025. One source suggested the delay is due to Nintendo wanting to get a strong lineup of software ready for launch.

[ORIGINAL STORY] When are we going to be getting our hands on Nintendo’s next hardware? We know something’s in the works, and a lot of assumptions have been made that 2024 will be the release year, but nothing has actually been confirmed by Nintendo. Well, according to a new set of rumors, the wait for the Switch 2 may be a big longer than some are anticipating.

According to insider PH Brazil, who’s been the source of other recent Switch 2 rumors, including possible backward compatibility details, Nintendo’s next hardware isn’t coming out until the first quarter of 2025.

“Nobody wants to hear that, but this one is pretty intense. After consulting 5 sources from 3 different continents, all echoing basically the same thing […] the launch of the Switch’s successor isn’t expected until 2025.”

Our insider further elaborates in a video on the Brazilian YouTube channel O X do Controle, saying he’s heard the Switch 2 was originally slated for 2024, but was pushed to early 2025 for unknown reasons. In the meantime, the original Switch will still be supported, although most of the games he knows about are relatively minor ones. He clarified this on the ResetEra forums…

“At no point have I ever had, and certainly don’t currently have, knowledge of the entire line-up of upcoming Nintendo games, so I don’t claim to know for a fact that it’s all smaller games from now on until the Switch 2 is out. The games I do know about, though, are all what you’d call smaller titles.”

While the Switch 2 potentially not coming out until 2025 is maybe a bit disappointing, I wouldn’t call it shocking. Remember, the original Switch launched in March, not the holiday season. Also, Nintendo could still pull together a fitting last holiday sendoff for the Switch – while our insider says most of what’s left for Switch is minor, Metroid Prime 4 is still out there, and there have been rumors of something new from the Pokemon franchise (perhaps another remake). Use 2024 to clear out OG Switch stock, set console sale records, and build to a strong Switch 2 launch in 2025.

Of course, as with all rumors take this with a grain of salt until we get official word from Nintendo. And when might that happen? While there are whipsers of some sort of showcase in March, the only thing Nintendo has actually confirmed is that they’ll be laying out future plans as part of their next earnings report in May. So put that on your calendar and cross your fingers for something sooner.

What do you think? Is Switch 2 slipping to 2025? Or are you still holding out hope for 2024?

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