The Day Before Servers to Shut Down in January, Steam Issuing Automatic “Proactive” Refunds

Earlier this month, the once-highly-anticipated The Day Before launched and quickly crashed and burned in dramatic fashion. As many had begun to suspect, the project was essentially a fake – rather than the open-world zombie MMO promised, developer Fntastic delivered a limited extraction shooter filled with cheap purchased assets and not a lot of fun. Fntastic promptly announced they were shutting their doors, and Steam delisted the game and begun offering refunds to those that asked.

Despite all this, we didn’t have a definitive answer as to what The Day Before’s future was. Servers remained on and Fntastic stated the future of the game was “unknown.” Well, now there’s no longer any mystery – investor/publisher Mytona has announced The Day Before servers will shut down on January 22, bringing this whole sad, strange saga to an end. Steam is now “proactively” issuing refunds to anybody who bought the game, regardless of whether they asked for one.

“We regret to inform you that the development company Fntastic has officially ceased operations, and as a result The Day Before will be retired and the servers will be turned off on 22 January 2024.

As previously communicated, Mytona, as the investor, has been working in collaboration with Steam to facilitate refunds for all game purchasers. For any players that have not already had their purchase refunded, Steam will now proactively refund all remaining players.

We extend our gratitude for the community’s support throughout the project’s life. Unfortunately, without a development team, we had no alternative choice but to officially close the project. We sincerely thank all our supporters throughout this journey and wish you all a happy holiday season.”

Pour one out for The Day Before. You certainly provided us with some intrigue in 2023 – too bad you didn’t provide us with any actual fun.

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