Ubisoft Is Investigating a Security Breach; 900 GB of Data Was About to Be Stolen

Following the massive ransomware attack against Insomniac Games, Ubisoft was apparently targeted by hackers who tried stealing almost 1 terabyte of data.

Speaking with Bleeping Computer, the European company confirmed they are currently investigating an alleged data security incident following a report from VX-Underground, which also provided proof of how hackers had access to the company’s Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and SharePoint. The hackers had access to Ubisoft’s data for around 48 hours before the administration realized what was happening and cut off access. In the end, it seems like the attack did not have major consequences, as the hackers lost access before they could steal the 900 GB of data that was targeted.

While some alleged Beyond Good & Evil 2 screenshots seem to be circulating online, it seems like Ubisoft managed to avoid the worst. It did not go as well for Insomniac Games, who has seen a huge amount of data leaked online following a successful ransomware attack, ranging from the company’s future projects, a playable build of the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine, the release window for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PC port, personal data of current and former employees and much more. The studio addressed the leak yesterday, stating that while the studio is obviously sad and angered at what happened, it will continue to work on Marvel’s Wolverine and other projects to provide players with the same great experiences they have released so far.

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