V Rising 1.0 Adds Dracula, Simon Belmont, a New Endgame Region, and Gamepad Support

The highly successful indie survival game V Rising is exiting early access on May 8, so Swedish developer Stunlock Studios has released new information on what players will find in version 1.0.

To begin with, vampire players will have to deal with the ultimate enemies as the game introduces Dracula and its legion. The website says:

Dracula has been biding his time and gathering his power in the depths of the Shadow Realm. His servants flood the land, gathering blood to fuel his return, but Vardoran can only have one apex predator! Ride into Mortium, strike into the heart of Dracula’s castle, pierce the Shadow Realm, and cut down history’s greatest tyrant to claim ultimate supremacy!

Face off against a new enemy, the fearsome Draculin monstrosities of the Legion of Noctum! Battle with the mighty generals, the highest echelon of Dracula’s Court: Elena the Hollow, Cassius the Betrayer, and Valencia the Depraved.

Additionally, thanks to a crossover with Konami’s Castlevania franchise, V Rising will add the famed vampire hunter Simon Belmont. Players will be able to fight him and acquire his signature Whip weapon type.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the 1.0 launch update, which is also slated to bring the Ruins of Mortium endgame region, gamepad support, new discoveries scattered throughout the game’s world, caravans of traveling humans to be ransacked and drained at your pleasure, visuals improvements thanks to a new light engine, new difficulty settings, an improved magic system, new weapons and armor, ancestral weapon upgrades at the forge, the brand new spider form, the ability to relocate your castle, seamless item management, new castle decor, the ability to craft an in-game music player, enhanced customization options, an achievement system, and new music.

As a reminder, V Rising originally launched in early access around two years ago and immediately topped Steam charts. To date, the game already sold over four million copies on PC, and later this year, it will also be released for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console.

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