Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024 – Following Up on a Frightfully Good Year

2023 was a landmark year for horror (check out Wccftech’s Best Of here), delivering the super-ambitious Alan Wake 2, a pair of rock-solid remakes in Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space, excellent indies like Amnesia: The Bunker, and more. 2024 may not be quite as strong, but it largely keeps the ball rolling down a similar horrifying path, with a couple of new remakes (The Last of Us Part II Remastered and Silent Hill 2), new entries in fan-favorite series (Alone in the Dark), and some promising indies (Still Wakes the Deep). Those dark days when it looked like survival horror might be finished are definitely behind us, so steel your nerves. Here are Wccftech’s picks for the games that will be keeping you awake in 2024.

Note: Only games with confirmed 2024 release dates are eligible for Wccftech’s anticipated lists. Stuff that’s only rumored or speculated to be coming out is relegated to the honorable mentions.

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The Last of Us Part II Remastered (PS5, Jan. 19, 2024)

The Last of Us Part II arrived just months before the release of the PS5, and yet, the game has never received a proper update for Sony’s latest console. Thankfully, that changes in 2024. The Last of Us II Remastered not only improves the game’s already-stellar presentation, it adds the all-new “No Return” roguelite mode, restores several levels cut from the original game, and more. Will this game continue to divide audiences? Probably, but if you’re down for what TLOU2 serves up, this is unquestionably going to be the best version of the game.

Alone in the Dark (PC, Xbox Series X/S & PS5, March 20, 2024)

Before Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or any of the other survival horror giants we know today, there was Alone in the Dark. Things have been a bit rocky for the franchise in recent years, but the new Alone in the Dark looks surprisingly promising, serving up a unique setting, solid production values, and plenty of unsettling Lovecraftian horrors. Even if the new Alone in the Dark doesn’t vault the franchise back to the top of the survival horror pantheon, it looks like a fun and freaky time.

Still Wakes the Deep (PC, Xbox Series X/S &  PS5, Spring 2024)

A good setting can make or break a horror story, and Still Wakes the Deep, set on a massive isolated deep sea oil rig off the coast of Scotland, has a great one. Developed by Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room, Still Wakes the Deep has some atmospheric walking-sim-style elements to it, but it also looks to serve up plenty of intense moments of survival and otherworldly horror. This is indie horror amped up.

Little Nightmares III (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS5 & Switch, 2024)

Don’t let their cartoony visuals or platforming-heavy gameplay fool you – the Little Nightmares games will make even veteran horror fans sweat. The various misshapen monstrosities you must navigate around are genuinely disturbing and escaping their grasps at the last second can be truly tense. Little Nightmares III is not being developed by original series creators Tarsier Studios, but replacement Supermassive Games certainly know their way around the horror genre.

Silent Hill 2 (PC & PS5, 2024)

Looking back at the history of survival horror, few games loom larger than Silent Hill 2. It was one of the first games that showed a game can be scary and tell an interesting, psychologically-complex story, and a lot of modern horror games still live in SH2’s shadow. Can Bloober Team successfully deliver a modern version of Konami’s classic? Not everyone loves Bloober, but their issues have typically been with storytelling, with their technical chops being solid. So, as long as they don’t mess too much with a good thing and focus on giving us a nice UE5 visual overhaul, this return to Silent Hill should be a successful one.

Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2024

  • Silent Hill 2 63%, 145 votes

    145 votes

    145 votes – 63% of all votes

  • Alone in the Dark 15%, 35 votes

    35 votes

    35 votes – 15% of all votes

  • The Last of Us Part II Remastered 11%, 25 votes

    25 votes

    25 votes – 11% of all votes

  • Still Wakes the Deep 5%, 12 votes

    12 votes

    12 votes – 5% of all votes

  • Little Nightmares III 5%, 12 votes

    12 votes

    12 votes – 5% of all votes

Total Votes: 229

January 12, 2024
January 17, 2024

Voting is closed

Honorable Mentions and Possible Surprises

The games listed above are really just the tip of the spooky iceberg, as 2024 will also see the launch of Slitterhead from Bokeh Game Studio, the narrative Dead by Daylight spinoff The Casting of Frank Stone by Supermassive, WayForward’s Clock Tower remaster, and the asymmetrical multiplayer game based on the iconic ’80 film Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game. As for surprises, perhaps we’ll get our hands on Hideo Kojima’s innovative Xbox-exclusive cloud-powered horror game OD and maybe one or more of Konami’s other Silent Hill projects come to fruition.

Those are the games you’re going to be creeping through in 2024! Any promising horror games we here at Wccftech missed? Round up your own list and share it in the comments!

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